Why Filipe and his methods?
Filipe has developed what he calls the “Successful Business Thesis
This thesis has been tested over and over in many different industries and niches.
From super experienced professionals to beginning start up entrepreneurs, this thesis has proved to work for any business, raising revenue up to 20% from where it is currently is predictably inside 90 days.
The Successful Business Thesis has three Core Concepts:
1. Mirror Self Image 
2. Predictable Lead Generation System 
3. Profitable Sales Presentation
When Filipe takes on a project, these are the three concepts he addresses to identify where problems are and what needs to be done to optimize revenue in the shortest period of time. 
This approach puts Filipe and his clients in an advantaged position compared to everyone else, including the competitors. 
To know more about this unique approach, click below to schedule a free quick chat (this is not a sales call - Filipe does not follow the norm) to understand more on how the Successful Business Thesis can help your business right now. 
Be great.
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