Is a Public Speaking Coach/Consultant really needed? And if Yes how do I know how to find a good one for me? 
Written by Filipe Goncalves
For the last 10 years I have been speaking to different groups of people about several subjects, all around the world, and I must say it’s an unbelievable feeling and a blessing for me. I wish everyone could have the chance to feel the joy I have when I am on stage sharing my words. 
Now, answering the question people keep on asking me all the time: “Is a Public Speaking Coach/Consultant really needed?"
First of all, if you want to improve fast and effectively at some skill, the best way to do it is to find someone who has mastered that same skill and is willing to teach it to you. I am a firm believer we must look for experts to help us to become an expert as well. They know the path, they have done it and they are very happy to share the “how” with the people who are humble and hungry enough to listen and follow directions.
For example…I am on a process to become a black belt in Martial Arts and the only way I can guarantee I will do it effectively and in shortest time possible is ONLY by hiring a super black belt Master who has the knowledge and experience of helping others to become black belts. I think this is very simple to understand and in your case, most probably, you have hired some specific experts in the past to help you to reach something faster and more successfully. 
So…answering the question…YES! If your goal is to become extremely successful every time you have the chance to speak to a group, and you want to do it by following a process that you know you won’t waste any time or money and very soon you have this amazing skill to use for your benefit, you MUST hire someone that will take you by the hand and guarantee your success.
In our society today, the fear of public speaking is higher than the fear of death! The first time I read this I was astonished. It’s my privilege to be able to transform any CEO, business owner or entrepreneur or ANYONE into a lethal public speaker. I do it with all the confidence because I know every single person I help, will reach targets, goals and self development never expected. My clients become masters speakers in a very short period of time.
Now that we are clear that a public speaker coach/consultant is vital if you want to master this skill, let’s understand how to find one that you can 100% be sure it will be perfect for you.
1.) The first thing you have to find is someone who can match your level of enthusiasm. 
Meaning, your success has to be as important for your coach/consultant as it is to you. You can find someone super knowledgeable but if he/she does not show the same level of enthusiasm and the same level of passion that you show, then he/she is not a good fit. 
Using my Martial Arts example one more time: it's very easy to find a black belt Master, but every time, before I hire someone to work 1on1 with me, I must speak to him and understand what is his level of enthusiasm with my growth. If I understand he can match my passion to learn and my enthusiasm to improve, then I will be more than happy to pay him and follow his guidance. If I feel he does not match my enthusiasm I simply just look for someone else. 
2.) Your coach/consultant must have proof of results. 
In the business world we don’t trust people we simply trust results. Results drive everything. You want to have an expert to train you and to coach you to transform yourself into a lethal public speaker! You do not want someone to create a relationship. The faster you can reach your results the faster you move into something new in your life. Now…let’s be clear on this…proof of results does not mean testimonials. We all know that the majority of the testimonials we see in the world of the internet are not “that real”. Majority of them were made up. So you DON’T need testimonials. You NEED proof of results! What is the difference? You want someone who has these two holes covered: A.) he/she is currently a public speaker. That means he/she still performs very well the skill you want to learn. B.) he/she can prove to you it has helped someone in the past. How? By understanding your current situation and in a very short period of time (24 hours are enough) he/she can create a unique tailored strategy that will guarantee your transformation, from wherever you are right now with this skill to a super performer. This is what I call a proof of results. 
3.) The last thing you must make sure you have when you look for your perfect coach/consultant is to have access to continuous training until your next speech. 
Let me explain to you…let’s say you have a speech inside one month and you want to make it the very best speech of your life because it’s truly important to you. Well, when you find someone to coach you, he/she must guide you until your very next speech. That means you will have a strategy specific for you in the context of that speech and the work will only be finalized once you complete that same speech at a super high level of performance. Your coach has the responsibility to guarantee you 100% support and guidance until the very end of your performance. 
To make it clearer for you, let me share a personal story of my Martial Arts coach when he prepared myself for my very first fight. When I was white belt I told him I wanted to try to fight. It was a fear of mine for many years and I wanted to overcome it. 
This was his approach with me: He trained me specifically for that fight. We studied the opponent and all the rules involved. We worked on the skills that he thought they would help me the most to win the fight. Minutes before the fight he was still working and helping me to make sure everything was perfect to the detail. While the fight was happening he was right there with me to help me succeed. And…the end of the story…we both succeeded! He had an amazing student who overcame his fear of fighting with a super performance and a victory and he was the happiest coach in the world while he was watching me winning! This is the type of training you want to have when you find a public speaking coach/consultant to help you. Someone who has the knowledge, the passion and who designs a unique strategy for you that will guarantee your success AND will be with you until your moment of performance to support you AND to watch you win. All you need to do is to simply follow his/her instructions. That’s it. You will become a lethal weapon every time you have a chance to speak to a group of people and you won’t be afraid ever again. In fact, you will love to be on stage sharing your word to others who need to listen to you.
Thank you very much. 
Be awesome.
Filipe Goncalves