Grow your revenue predictably, in 90 days, through mirroring
Filipe began his career in commercial sales when he was 21 years old, promoting credit cards for Barclays Bank. At the age of 24, Filipe left his home country to travel the world and expand his sales experience and knowledge by working onboard cruise ships as a Health and Fitness Coach. 
This is when he was first introduced to both business and public speaking worlds. 
Filipe provided live lifestyle presentations for groups of 50 to 100 people at a time teaching them the basic concepts of a healthy lifestyle. This would motivate many of them to purchase a private consultation, which would include a tailored health and fitness plan for them. Filipe did this for eight years which enabled him to truly develop his skills in sales and in public speaking.
Filipe then shifted into the Luxury Shopping Industry. Here, Filipe performed shopping lectures for hundreds of people on the topic of Diamonds, Gemstones, Fine Jewelry and Timepieces. Filipe also met with clients at different local and international retail stores where he could truly work his magic.
Through these lectures and in-person appearances at retail stores he would generate revenue between $500.000 and $1.000.000 in two or three days.
Throughout these years, Filipe was privileged to learn from some of the best in the field of Business and Public Speaking developing powerful skills and mastering the unique concept of "mirroring”. 

Filipe has always wanted to teach and help others. He knows that everything positive he has been able to accomplish in his life is because he was lucky enough to learn from very successful people. With that in mind, he decided to create his own agency to help others using the concepts and techniques he has acquired over the years. Today, 
Filipe can say that he has helped hundreds of people with their careers and he’s just starting out!
He’s now focused on helping business owners increase their revenue in a short period of time. In other words, Filipe works on a one-on-one basis with business owners, teaching them the concept of mirroring and predictable strategies of client acquisition with the goal of bringing their revenue up, predictably, in 90 days. 
Filipe will be more than happy to connect with you and to learn your story. 
To learn more about him and his services feel free to reach out to him or to one of his team members at:

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